I have been involved with dogs for as long as I can remember, and with Border Collie's in particular for over 25 years. After being introduced to this versatile breed by the late Brenda Kidd, I soon realised what an intelligent, quick to learn and willing to please dog the Border Collie actually was.

On this Website, you will find details about my working experience and knowledge of Showing and Breeding Border Collies. Those who are looking to own a Border Collie for the very first time, I hope you will find it especially helpful.

My husband Terry and I have maintained a small kennel for many years, the size of which is manageable to ensure our dogs get plenty of attention. Our Border Collies are our pets first and foremost, and Showing them around the country is the icing on the cake.

Without the help of my husband, who remains at home looking after the dogs that are not being shown, I could not have achieved one of my main ambitions, which was to breed my first Show Champion   - Terrica Fascination.

For his unyielding support, I dedicate this Website to my husband Terry, and to all of our dogs over the years, who have given us an immense amount of joy and satisfaction.

Your questions and comments are most welcome. Please email me, Veronica Avory on:  megamax@sky.com